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Historic Preservation: Fort Snelling Designated a National Treasure

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

By Nick Woltman @ Pioneer Press

The National Trust for Historic Preservation named Fort Snelling at Bdote a National Treasure, bringing a national spotlight to a historic place which reveals the richness of the American story.

Fort Snelling is the first “National Treasure” in the state of Minnesota. Stephanie Meeks, president and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, announced the designation. Steve Elliot, director and CEO of the Minnesota Historical Society, acknowledged the designation, and Nicky Leingang, District Staff Assistant, read a letter from U. S. Representative Keith Ellison.

The event was recorded at Fort Snelling, April 20, 2016, for The Friends of Fort Snelling by EPIC Media,

This Article was Originally published by Jon Carleon @ Epic Media.. Original Post



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