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Fort Snelling Upper Post Revitalization Project

Friends of Fort Snelling    Submit Event

During the 2018 legislative session, MNHS received $15 of the $30 million requested for the revitalization project and is grateful for the continued support from the governor and legislature, educators, veterans, community partners, MNHS members, and private citizens.

MNHS is proceeding with a revised project and revised budget that allows construction for the Historic Fort Snelling revitalization project to start in Fall 2019. After consulting with project and community partners MNHS decided that it is fiscally responsible to use the money in hand to deliver a quality project, though scaled-back. 

The revised project incorporates the $19.5 million appropriated by the state so far, plus $15 million pledged in private dollars. The new budget is $34.5 million. Originally, MNHS had planned to spend $46.5 million on the full revitalization plan. View Press Kit

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