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Fort Snelling 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign
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Welcome to Our 2020 Bi-Centennial Crowdfunding Campaign
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Crowdfunding Campaign Brief:


Tax Deductible donations * with the goal of raising $100,000 for the support and promotion of the Fort Snelling 2020 Bi-Centennial with stories, news, and events!


The funds will be used to support and promote the Historic fort’s 200th birthday as well as the many stakeholders and stories that come  Historical Fort Snelling'


We will fund a multi-lane promotion and education campaign via a 12-month digital marketing and PR campaign utilizing the Fort Snelling  Website with weekly Content, Events Promotion, Monthly Newsletter and a  Local Media/PR push. This will be augmented with a robust paid Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaign. 

Suggested Donation Levels:


Goal:                            Max Goal         $100,000         

Donation Levels:        Supporter         $250

                                     Patron               $1,000

                                     Advocate          $2,500

                                     Sponsor            $5,000




The Friends of Fort Snelling was established as a non-profit group in 1961. 


We are a non-profit advocacy group integral in both establishing Fort Snelling State Park and in preserving and restoring Historic Fort Snelling for over 50 years!

Over the years we have helped to expand and protect the Park and Fort by working to acquire funding for land and facilities, most recently the Thomas Savage Visitor Center. We have long supported new educational and interpretive programs for the Historic Fort and the State ParkFriends of Fort Snelling website

Thank You for
Your Support

* Donations to Friends of Fort Snelling may be tax-deductible... Check with your accountant or financial advisor

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