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Fort Snelling State Park remains flooded, Park Leaders hope to open by Labor Day

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

By John Croman @ Kare 11

August 2nd, 2019: The parked closed sign remains outside Fort Snelling State Park. The cars full of excited visitors continue to leave disappointed, like Erica Jensen of Nebraska. “Feeling really bummed,” said Jensen.

Around Memorial Day, park leaders were hoping for a July 4th opening after persistent flooding along the Minnesota River.  That didn’t happen. Flooding caused too much damage to roads, trails, and even piers.

One of Minnesota’s busiest, the Fort Snelling State Park will remain through Labor Day Day weekend and the entire month of August because of flooding and damage.

Even Thursday with the river receding and most of the trails repaired, Assistant Park Manager Nick Bartels calls it a frustrating summer.

“Safety concerns with shoulder washouts. Want to make sure we’ve got that repaired where we invite the public back into the park. We’ve also got a water main failure,” said Bartels.

Now park leaders are hoping for a Labor Day opening.”Too early to commit to say we’ll be open for Labor day. That’s something we’re pushing for,” said Bartels.

A possible Labor Day opener doesn’t make up for a lost spring and most of the summer.”Hope for a nice long fall season where we get people out here,” said Bartels. Park leaders urge people to not enter the state park while it’s closed for their own safety. 

For more information on Fort Snelling State Park, the DNR provides updates here.

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